Located outside Camarate, Portugal, Skins provides innovative takes on fabrics, such as Rib-Flex, and garment construction, such as our Organic Cotton Classic Brafor Rib-Flex. Their facility is a newer one, bringing innovation and new ideas to underwear manufacturing.

We want to make you comfortable – in your basics, but also about where you choose to get them from. That’s why we’re always transparent about every aspect of our manufacturing process, and only work with partners we – and by extension, you – can trust. Every product has its own story and has been through the hands of so many people – from design, to material sourcing, to assembly, to the final delivery of the products to your doorstep. We’re proud to share this story with you and find it important to do so. Explore our factories located worldwide, dive into their extensive list of certifications, meet the workers, learn about their high-tech manufacturing equipment, and get a sense of the facility atmosphere where all of our durable, super-soft, sustainable basics are made. With these people, sustainability and quality go hand in hand, and together they are helping us shape a better future of sustainable manufacturing, and setting a high bar for what it means to be comfortable – in what you wear and in the conscious choices you make. Explore their facilities and discover the innovative processes and passionate people behind all your favorite basics – we couldn’t do this without them.

Skins, Camarate, Portugal
  • Family run


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    Full time

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  • Employee benefits

    Contributes funds for government-mandated “Social Insurance” and “Social Security” programs on behalf of employees.

  • Certification & Audits

    GOTS, SLCP Certificate and Higg FEM Self-assessment.