At Delta Textile Shamal El Saeed, they carry a huge level of commitment towards social and environmental responsibility and have obtained some of the highest certification levels a manufacturer can achieve such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Together, they’re helping us protect the planet – one pair of briefs at a time.

Located a 3-hour drive from the capital, Delta Textile Shamal El Saeed is one of Egypt’s top production facilities. While their certifications and innovative technology ensure that the facility meets the highest sustainability standards, what makes this place so unique is the sense of community among the employees. No matter your line of work, title, or rank everybody’s treated equally – making the place feel full of life.

Workers’ well-being is the number one priority at this factory. All enjoy the benefits and job security of being full-time employees (no guest workers, expat sewers, or part-time workers). In addition, at the facility, they focus on providing job opportunities for women, who currently make up around 80% of all the workers. Operating primarily with cutting and sewing – meaning the final assembly of the garment – they’ve perfected their work in carefully crafting clothes for all on Earth.

Meet the makers

behind the basics

Meet the makers

behind the basics

We love paying our partners a visit to learn more about how they apply their knowledge and expertise to the construction of every single garment.

A cutting and sewing facility plays a crucial role in the production process. Its primary function is to transform fabric or materials into finished products, and the workers attention to detail, quality control measures, and application of additional features such as trims, labels, logos, and much more, contribute to the overall success of the production process.

Skilled workers and/or specialized machines lay out patterns on the fabric, optimizing material usage and minimizing waste. Using precise cutting tools or automated cutting machines, they cut the fabric according to the patterns, following specific measurements and guidelines.

Cutting and sewing

Once the fabric pieces are cut, they proceed to the sewing phase. Highly skilled sewers stitch the cut pieces together, following predetermined patterns and seam allowances. They use various techniques like straight stitching, serging, or specialized stitching methods depending on the product requirements.

Delta Textile Shamal el Saeed receives the raw materials for the manufacturing of its products from a combination of international and domestic suppliers, making sure that the materials meet their manufacturing requirements. They then use some of the best, computerized equipment to cut the raw materials and assemble and sew the products by hand. They take pride in their work, ensuring that the quality of the garment is as high as it can be – this is done by using innovative technology, skilled workers, and by employing quality insurance workers to examine the products throughout the manufacturing process.

Delta Textile Shamal El Saeed,  Minya, Egypt
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    All female workers with children from 3 months to 6 years old are offered daycare facilities, and all employees are provided a box of Food for the Holy month of Ramadan, before Eid al Adha, and Prophet Mohamed's Birthday.