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  • Climate Credits

Individual 6 months

Regular price £18.00
  • This carbon offset covers an average persons CO2 footprint for six months
  • 100% of your purchase will be redirected to Chooose - an organisation that funds Gold Standard and UN Verified CO2 reducing projects in developing countries
  • Climate credits are issued by CO2 reducing projects
  • Our first project is the Koru Windfarm in Canakkale, Turkey

Go CO² neutral for a little longer

Everyone emits carbon - not just those working in dirty business. By making this purchase you will offset 6 months worth of carbon emissions. It’s a good investment in a sustainable future.





How do climate credits work?

Buying climate credits is an investment in a better earth. But what do you get in return? Put simply, a cleaner planet that can fight against climate change. Your purchase will be redirected towards the Koru Wind Farm in Canakkale, Turkey - a CO² reducing project that helps local citizens and businesses move away from fossil fuels.

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