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3.6kg CO2
Crewneck, slightly cropped, knitted sweater made with 100% recycled merino wool.
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Color: Charcoal Melange

Free CO2 neutral worldwide shipping available.
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  • Boxy style knitted sweater
  • Made from pre-consumer textile waste that would otherwise go to landfills
  • Soft feel and designed to keep you warm all winter
  • 100% recycled merino wool
  • Hand wash only. Do not tumble dry
  • We use recycled materials because they save water and energy. They also help divert waste from landfills and prevent CO2 - helping to keep our planet clean and combat climate change.

  • Made in better working conditions with living wages, no child labor, freely chosen employment and respect for the environment.


3.6kg CO2

  • 0.77kg
    Raw Material Production
  • 0.7kg
    Material Production
  • 1.63kg
    Final Assembly
  • 0.08kg
  • 0.43kg
    *shipping from the last production facility to the distribution center
    *shipping from the last production facility to the distribution center
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  • Clara is 178 cm and wears S

  • Clara is 178 cm and wears S

  • Clara is 178 cm and wears S

  • Malene is 176 cm and wears M


  • Material

    Recycled Wool

    Virgin wool has a costly environmental impact - from the vast amount of land it takes to raise sheep, to the water and chemical usage during production and dyeing - it’s not the most friendly fabric. But recycled wool is fortunately a heck of a lot different - that’s because we completely cut out the dyeing process, saving water and chemicals and eliminating nasty wastewater entirely.

  • Factory

    Fafe, Portugal

    Our manufacturer in Fafe, Portugal has been making the finest quality knitted sweaters since 1988. It is equiped with the most advanced knitting technology available.

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